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The externship program Loudoun Psychological Services is a comprehensive training program designed to provide students with practical experience in therapy, psychological testing, and neuropsychological testing.

Externship Program

The externship programs at Loudoun Psychological Services involve comprehensive training designed to provide students with practical experience in therapy, psychological testing, and neuropsychological testing. The program runs for the full academic year and offers an optional summer externship for advanced placement externs.

Externs participating in the program will receive a stipend and have the opportunity to work alongside licensed mental health professionals in a supportive and collaborative environment. They will gain hands-on experience conducting assessments, diagnosing and treating a range of mental health disorders, and developing treatment plans.

The program emphasizes the development of clinical skills, professional growth, and ethical practice. Externs will receive supervision and feedback from experienced professionals, participate in training seminars and case conferences, and have access to a range of resources to support their learning and growth. Therapy externs will participate in weekly group supervision and get exposure to many evidence-based interventions including CBT, DBT, EMDR, Psychodynamic, and Family Systems. Advanced externs have the opportunity to get exposure to Internal Family Systems and Polyvagal interventions.

Upon completion of the program, externs will have gained a broad range of clinical skills and practical experience that will prepare them for a career in mental health. They will have the confidence and expertise to work with a diverse range of clients and to provide evidence-based treatment and assessment services.

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Teaching Practice

As a student assessment extern at LPS, you will have the opportunity to conduct psychological and neuropsychological evaluations on a diverse patient population. Evaluation batteries can range from brief (2 hours) to comprehensive (5-6 hours), and you will receive training in all aspects of the evaluation process, including clinical interviewing, test administration, interpretation, report writing, treatment recommendations, consultation with referral sources, and feedback sessions.

Under the guidance of experienced supervisors, you will receive tailored supervision for each assessment case, with a minimum of 1 hour per case. In addition, you will receive continuous "informal" supervision during test administration and report writing. Both individual and group supervision are provided, allowing you to present and discuss neuropsychological cases with your peers.

This externship requires a commitment of 16 hours per week and can last from 9-12 months for full-year externs, or a summer externship is also available. Join us at LPS to gain hands-on experience and expand your knowledge in neuropsychological evaluations.

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