Mobile Mental Health

Versus, a mental training device that helps you to control impulsivity, response to stress, and more through self-regulation.

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Mobile EEG Technology

Learn about your brain and make it better.

Versus measures your brain's electrical activity (EEG) to identify your mental strengths and weaknesses. Providing personalized care and attention from anywhere. Your psychologist can view Versus data, track progress, and customize your Versus experience. Better serving you with deeper insight about your brain wellness.
helps you improve


Decision Making

Impulse Control

Mental Acuity

Problem Solving

Sleep Patterns


Resource Management

helps you improve

Wireless EEG Headset

Versus is a state-of-the-art headset that connects to your iPhone via bluetooth. With comfortable dry sensors, the Versus headset records brain activity in real time.

IPhone App

As a mental health counselor, you’ll have exclusive access to the Versus app for the iPhone. This allows you to introduce Versus to your clients in person, and each can use their mobile device at home.

Brain Exercise Customized To You

Versus performance plans are unique to each individual. One might work to increase attention regulation, while another might work on remaining calm under the stress of a move, job interview, and much more. Versus automatically assigns a performance plan based on your needs, which is determined by the NeuroPerformance Assessment.

NeuroPerformance Assessment

Versus begins with a NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) to identify your brain’s strengths and weaknesses. For the first time, you can reliably quantify mental performance—focus, stress response, impulse control, and more. Many mental health counselors use this data to better understand and treat their clients. Versus uses it to assign an individual performance plan, create a benchmark for improvement, and help people better understand themselves.

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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts call this free 24-hour hotline. You will be routed to the nearest city crisis center to you.

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